Which kilt jacket is the most stylish?

Yes, it’s the prince charlie jacket.

Among all the kilt jackets, Prince Charlie Jacket is the popular & renowned. It’s all the time in trend and mostly chosen for an evening event or only formal function.

These jackets are considered most stylish and fashionable. Prince Charlie Jacket is accompanied with a waistcoat or a vest. These jackets are usually in black color but some people prefer different colors also, such as full bodied royal blue, green, and white. Other like to add different colorful detailing to theirs lapels to match their tartan kilts.

In addition silver-toned buttons on the arms of the kilt jacket, its front and tails adds to the beauty of the jacket a more elegant look. This jacket highly decorated look makes it so special that its mostly worn in formal events and gathering’s.

The material use for Prince Charlie Jacket is a heavy worsted wool called barathea. It comes in different weights, mostly used are 13oz and 16oz fabric.

These jackets are very comfortable to wear because if any creases appear while sitting or bending they easily dissolve and it becomes smooth by itself. These jackets usually have pockets on both sides in the interior of the jackets. These jackets are usually worn with a bow tie and wing collar shirt or a rushed tie and Victorian collared shirt.  These jackets will always remain in trend and you must have a for yourself to be apart of any formal events with it.

Kilt Waistcoat

The kilt waistcoat of a Prince Charlie Jacket comes with just as much of an ornate design as the jacket. It has three buttons matching with those on the jacket. It has silk braided epaulets and silk lapels. It has a sleeveless design and its neck scoops down towards the buttons of the waistcoat.

Jackets & Waistcoat always gives a Gentleman Look. This amazing attire adds the legacy of Scottish heritage. That tartan trews boosts confidence in your body language. There are a lot of accessories that make your wardrobe more attractive & distinguish. You can match up amazing Tartan Kilt with it that provides a magnificent appearance in every gathering. Moreover, you can order for  Tartan SporransTartan PurseTartan TieTartan Trouser or TrewFly Plaid with Fly Plaid Brooch that'll help to tie your plaid, Kilt Flashes which is perfect for any size of Kilt Hose. This also helps you to get connected with highlander culture in a more elegant way by its noble style.

Imperial Highland Supplies customers have the options of any sort of customization of Prince Charlie Jacket from us as per their demand.

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